9 Ways to Save Money on Driving

Do you drive a good deal and find yourself concerned about the price of gas? There are easy ways that you can save money on your driving costs, and this article will help you to learn what they are.

1. Keep your auto in good operating condition

Maintain your auto and keep it in top condition. You will get better gas mileage and save on repair costs. This includes maintaining proper air pressure in your tires and getting tune-ups when necessary.

2. Do not carry around excess baggage

If you keep your car trunk loaded down, especially with things that are weighty, it will force your car to use more gas hauling those items back and forth. This cuts down on the amount of mileage you will obtain from a tank of gas. Get rid of the items in your car trunk and back seat that do not need to be there.

3. Walk rather than drive

Leave your car in the driveway and give yourself the chance to get some healthy exercise if you are going somewhere that is within walking distance. By using your auto only when you really need to and walking or riding a bike the rest of the time, you will be surprised at the amount of fuel you can save.

4. Carpool

Establishing carpools to get to and from work can be a great gas saver. Carpools can also be used to take the kids back and forth to school and other activities. Many can benefit from the use of carpools as a way to save time, gas and money.

5. Buy a car that is fuel efficient

You may be in the market for a new car or might be trading in your current vehicle for another model. Consider obtaining a vehicle that is easy on gas. Unless you have a big family and really need a larger auto, a smaller, more compact car will get you from one destination to another without using up as much gas. You will not regret your decision to drive a smaller auto when you see how much you can save at the fuel pump.

6. Try not to idle too much

Allowing your car to idle while at a long red light or leaving the engine on while waiting for someone is a waste of gas. Turn the engine off and restart the car when you are ready to drive again. You might not think that this will save much gas, but it can certainly help if you make a habit of not idling for any length of time.

7. Use cruise control

There are times when you will be traveling on a long stretch of level road that maintains a consistent speed. This is the time to use your cruise control.

8. Plan your route beforehand

To make the best use of a tank of gas, plan out your route before you leave the house when traveling to an unfamiliar location or a destination that is a distance away. Use your GPS unit to keep you on course, and choose the most direct route to get where you are going. Try to travel when roads will not be as crowded, such as during rush hour. Use fuel calculator.

9. Do as much in one trip as possible

If you have many errands to run, try to plan your trip in such a way that you will get as much done as possible in one outing.

If you put the above tips to use when driving, you will cut down on gas consumption, get better mileage and save money.